Wedding in Italy

I’d like to thank Apulia Service, and Mikhail in particular, for organizing our reception! A wedding is an important event, and of course one wants it to go smoothly! Moreover, for the organization of such an event abroad it is necessary to find a person you can really trust and I’m glad that we did the right choice! There were about 40 people at our reception, and we celebrated for three days  Mikhail proposed some different options for the reception, with various prices. I’d like to underline that the prices for the stay and the catering were definitely reasonable and much lower than those offered by websites such as The first evening on the seaside was simply magic! The incredible beauty of the sunset and the exquisite food surprised everyone, and the light music played by the deejay and accompanied by a saxophone added something special to that fairytale evening! The second day was busier. First there was the wedding ceremony in the Basilica of St. Nicholas and then the reception in a masseria. After the ceremony Mikhail convinced the church’s staff to let us have a photo session in the inner court, then we went to the church to kiss the holy relics of St. Nicholas. When we reached the masseria our guests were enjoying a buffet on an open terrace with a view on the sea and on an olive-tree orchard, and after that they had an incredibly tasty wedding banquet, a musical ensemble, dances and a salute… I’ll say immediately that the abundance of dishes during the dinner simply shocked our guest! It was quite difficult for them to eat so many dishes, but at the same time leaving such delicacies untouched was simply not possible! On the last day a cruise was organized for us on two small yachts in the port of Gallipoli. We sailed for 6 hours, bathed, sunbathed, sipped champagne, enjoyed some delicious Italian delicacies and pasta for lunch and enjoyed life surrounded by the sun, the sea and Italian landscapes. A lot of things were done, and I’m grateful to Mikhail and his team for their professionalism, tact, attention and punctuality. It is really unusual to meet such responsible people for whom the word impossible does not exist! Everything was organized at the highest level and without a single hitch. The guests were very satisfied and some of them are even thinking to hold their own wedding exclusively in Apulia. It’s a pity that I can’t add some photos. What can I say in the end? Thanks a lot to you, guys, for a wonderful reception I’ll never forget!

Ksenia and Okan