Wedding in Apulia

A wedding ceremony and a reception were organized in collaboration with some Italian partners on the premise of the lavish fifteenth-century Villa Carafa, in the Southern Italian region of Apulia. This prestigious villa with countless halls was located on a picturesque green hill surrounded by age-old olive trees and vineyards. A long time ago this structure belonged to a family of dukes, the Carafas, who gave the Catholic Church 14 cardinals and a pope. Today this is the ideal place to hold the most sophisticated and unforgettable parties and wedding receptions. The aforementioned wedding was an international one, more precisely an Italian-Russian one. For the numerous guests who had come from many countries we organized the transport and accommodation in the best hotels of Apulia, dealing with their logistics throughout the two days of their stay. We also organized for them an interesting programme of excursions around the region. In order not to spoil the festive atmosphere of the celebration and solve the problem of the linguistic barrier between the guests during the wedding ceremony and reception, some professional interpreters were invited to the villa. Some famous Italian decorators and florists dealt with the furnishing of the villa and of the reception hall. The guests were entertained by a screenwriter and filmmaker from Russia and an Italian deejay. The climax of the wedding were the beautiful fireworks and the grandiose salute in honour of the newlyweds.