The best hotel of the year!

Borgo Egnazia

Every year the international network for VIP travel Virtuoso Hotels&Resort, after monitoring more than 1,200 hotels in over 100 countries, awards the prize Best Hotel of the year. Last year the prizes Best of the Best were awarded at an international conference in Las Vegas attended by more than 1,400 experts.  The hotel Resort Borgo Egnazia, located in Apulia, Italy, was awarded the title of best hotel in the world for 2016.

The luxury hotel Resort Borgo Egnazia  was built in 2010 and was named after the famous ancient Roman town of Egnathia, whose remains have survived to our day and which are located at 1 kilometre from the hotel’s premises. The hotel is situated in the very heart of Apulia, in the small town of Savelletri di Fasano, midway between Bari and Brindisi. It is divided into three parts: the main complex, La Corte, has 63 high-comfort rooms; Il Borgo (“Apulian village”) has 92 rooms-townhouses, while Le Ville (“the villas”), is made up of small townhouses, each of which has a private swimming pool and a small garden. On the hotel’s premises there are three restaurants, some bars, a cooking school, a golf course, a spa, swimming pools, tennis courts and a club for children. The hotel has two beaches: the nearest one is at a ten minutes’ walking distance.

It’s not the first time that world celebrities choose Italy as their ideal holiday destination or as the ideal place for a wedding. Apulia is not an exception! Every year this region attracts more and more celebrities thanks to its particular, amazing atmosphere. Stars such as the couple Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel chose for their wedding precisely the hotel Resort Borgo Egnazia: the most exclusive hotel in Apulia. About 80 people were invited to the wedding, among them many celebrities and authentic stars such as Lady Gaga and Elton John.

Albano sang “Ave Maria”…


Last year the most awaited-for event in Italy was the wedding of Christel Carrisi, the elder daughter of the most famous and beautiful Italian duo: Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. This lavish wedding was celebrated in Apulia, Albano’s homeland, where the renowned singer and businessman lives. The wedding was held in Lecce, in the lavish Baroque St. Matthew’s Church, and during the ceremony Albano sang “Ave Maria”. The wedding banquet was held in the small town of Cellino San Marco, in one of the oldest estates of the Carrisi family. Many famous international artists were invited to the wedding, including some of Albano’s and Romina’s closest friends. During the banquet the former spouses gave their guests a gift and sang their well-known hit Felicità, which is still sung by their fans all over the world.

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Vacation in Apulian masseria

masseria san domenico

Masseria is a unique kind of rural structure typical of Apulia, a region located in the South-East of Italy. In practice, nowhere else in the world are there any such kinds of rural structures. Some other masserie have survived in Sicily, but there their number is much smaller than on the “heel” of Italy. Masserie are farming lands and farms derived from old aristocratic estates dating back to the XV-XIX centuries and now turned into luxury hotels. Usually masserie are located in picturesque places, not far from the sea, among almond trees and age-old olive trees; besides accommodation, they offer their guests the most diverse and interesting services for an unforgettable holiday. A masseria is the enchantment of antiquity coupled with contemporary lavishness, a stunning atmosphere and an unforgettable landscape.