Albano sang “Ave Maria”…


Last year the most awaited-for event in Italy was the wedding of Christel Carrisi, the elder daughter of the most famous and beautiful Italian duo: Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. This lavish wedding was celebrated in Apulia, Albano’s homeland, where the renowned singer and businessman lives. The wedding was held in Lecce, in the lavish Baroque St. Matthew’s Church, and during the ceremony Albano sang “Ave Maria”. The wedding banquet was held in the small town of Cellino San Marco, in one of the oldest estates of the Carrisi family. Many famous international artists were invited to the wedding, including some of Albano’s and Romina’s closest friends. During the banquet the former spouses gave their guests a gift and sang their well-known hit Felicità, which is still sung by their fans all over the world.

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